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George Kiriakopoulos is a talented Greek Pro Driver going now into his 5th racing season for 2021 in the drifting division of motorsports. He originally comes from Chicago with a Greek background but now is based in Las Vegas, Nevada where he owns, runs and operates his own personal professional shop named Modified Performance.

George has a strong motorsport background of managing Kenneth Moen’s, Norwegian FD Pro 1 Driver, whole 2012-2013 Formula Drift racing program as well as being a spotter and crew tech/mechanic for American FD Pro 1 Driver, Matthew Coffman, 2015-2017 racing seasons. He is a talented and experienced mechanic/ technician with over 8 + years of building custom competition chassis’s of all variety setups ranging in import to domestic expertise. The passion of driving originates from his well rounded knowledge of any automotive/motorsport disciplines such as oem dealerships, off roading to street moto as well as exotic time attack.

George started drifting since 2014 in which he first began competing in Vegas Drift (Southwest Drift) series in 2015-2016 and then shortly received his Formula Drift Pro 2 license to enter the 2017 season series. As 2019 was George’s 3rd consecutive season in the Formula Drift Pro 2 Series as a licensed pro driver, he has changed the direction of his privateer program and currently has taken a pause competing in Formula Drift Pro 2 series only. For the 2021 season, George will compete in The Drift League licensing series plus driving in numerous of demos and different styles of drift events such as Gridlife to broaden marketing reach. He has created from ground up, the name Modified Performance, as his own solid driver name brand building and masterminding all of his own competition race cars each season with the assistance of team sponsors.

Currently George's racing pro chassis for the 2021 season is the identical unique chassis and power plant setup from 2020 with the Fly 1 Motorsports carbon Fiber 370Z wide-body Niko kit plus new Crown Carbon Crafting aero add ons giving it a complete aero esthetic carbon body lift. In addition to the pro 370Z, a demo 370Z (car street legal built to FD spec) is currently in progress of being completed to be utilized in conjunction for double marketing exposure. George run’s his own privateer driving program with fully sponsored video/ media coverage by multiple videographers/photographers for the whole 2021 on/off racing season including Gridlife, Desert Meihan, The Drift League, Nissfest, Vegas Drift, Vetdrenaline, Winter Jam and many other events throughout. Follow George's pro racing adventures, driver lifestyle, battles, races, shop life and next events he'll be driving at all on his social media channels below!

Check out George's pro 370Z on game app Torque Drift for download in Apple App Store & Google Play & now available on Steam! 

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